Author: Sarthak Chaure


Every needless word is junk. 'Junk' that dilutes your writing and makes you look like a clumsy college student. Eliminating unnecessary words makes your copy leaner. It lets you speak to your readers clearly and gives you the freedom to experiment.

Brevity is the key for content creators today. Brevity is defined as “concise and exact use of words in writing”, concerning content. Moreover, it is also one word for, “shortness of time”.

This one-liner makes it clear. Brevity (shortness of time) in human life demands the need for brevity (exact use of words) in content.

The digitisation of all forms of media has poured in a lot of content on the internet and lesser the time with people to pay attention to it. So in this excessive pool of content, it is a very smaller part of it that gets noticed. What does the content need to have to make the cut and win the attention? The content that is short, crisp, attractive, self-explanatory and to the point. This sort of content caters to the need of people, who has less time and is on a look-out for great content. 

A man of few words is known for his smartness, and everyone looks forward to engaging with him.

Well, now when we know the key to writing a great copy, what’s next? It's deliverance.

Out of the numerous mediums, which medium is the best for delivering content with the characteristics mentioned above? Here, the creator needs to part ways from delivering content in the most common and traditional way of text and lure the viewer with attractive form, that is of videos and visuals.

The medium that suits the best is video, visuals, and infographics that are not loaded with 'Walls Of Content'. Videos and visuals are attractive and self-explanatory. Also, it delivers the information in short and crisp way. And, this content, if provided in pieces, becomes interesting, appealing and less time-consuming. The information must be provided in a conversational manner so that the prospective customer can question the brand. Hence, it should be made available through emails and on websites that maintain a direct contact with the public.

Content creators need to shift their medium from traditional written to advanced visual forms. Vocabberry is one such content agency that understands this need and implements this to create content that is readily accepted by viewers. And, simply, in this way, it helps clients in earning an edge and better ROI in the competitive market.

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