6 Editing Tips To Improve Your Blog Posts From Today

Author: Aditi Syal

6 Editing Tips To Improve Your Blog Posts From Today

Blogs are an online expression of your personality, and you don’t want an unintended word or a poorly edited sentence to spoil a story. Here are some tips to ensure that there are no errors in a post that can marry your online reputation.

Brevity is key. 

Always keep your blog posts short, crisp, and to the point. Never use jargon, and stick to simple words and language. This technique helps keep the meaning simple, uncomplicated, and easy to understand for your audience. Precise words will convey your idea easily yet directly.

Keep coming back to your blog and revising it as this will remove any scope for errors and redundancy. 

Reviewing it as often as possible will make sure that your posts are up to date and communicate thoughts effectively. So, keep working on it, and your persistence will pay off.

Don’t be too dependent on spell check; it is not always reliable. 

Tools like spell check are meant to remove basic spelling errors. Moreover, these automated tools are not expected to understand the nuances of your writing. Spell check shows a perfectly written sentence as being riddled with errors in sentence structure and spelling.

Chunking produces an excellent post. 

A common term in instructional design, "chunking" means organizing content as per learning objectives. In a blog post, when you start writing, the first chunk of the content according to the points you want to convey. Edit the posts by following the principle of chunking. A sentence conveys an idea, and a paragraph further builds on the same idea.

You may also want to further build your online reputation by editing your articles as well as the images that go along with them. 

These days, images make all the difference. Consider Instagram—an interesting image or article makes a world of difference, and conversely, a badly cropped image or piece spoils it. Edit smartly and boost your traffic and reputation.

Always remember to follow your own style. 

In terms of writing and editing, what will make your blog stand out is how you use words and phrases. So, use different means such as noun modifiers, hyphenated words, and concise language.

Using some of these methods will go a long way in improving your blog when you plan to pen down next time. And, and, and, this should happen soon!

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