Five Witty Ways To Ace The Fashion Blog

Author: Saheli Golder

Five Witty Ways To Ace The Fashion Blog

You might just wake up one day and think ‘today I am going to write a fashion blog’. But what to write and how to write are problems that will take weeks to solve. Fashion blogging is much more than just writing about clothes and accessories. It is the sneak-peek into the blogger’s individualistic way of looking at fashion.  

With these 5 tips from our expert, Stuti Khosla, fashion blogging will be a cakewalk for you.

A Theme

It is important to choose a theme and curate content around it. Though you can choose the theme at your own will however people will only sit up and take notice if your theme is unique. You cannot just end up writing about the top runway trends. Be more specific and

Fashion for moms-to-be or the highs of vintage fashion can be great topics, to begin with. But also remember to select the theme as per your own domain of knowledge and expertise. It is pointless to write an amateurish blog.

Know Your Readers

Yes, it is necessary to understand which set of the audience will actually read your blog. Is it the mother or the daughter? Or the guy next door? Who is it for? Understanding their problems and giving solutions to them is a sure shot formula to a winning blog. Writing for a niche set of the audience is far more challenging than writing for mass readers. But even if your topic is generic, it should have the relatability factor.

Power-Punch Titles

There is a difference between “how to wear a scarf” and “5 ways to wear a scarf”. While the first title sounds basic and common, the second title gives an impression of a comprehensive guide. The title is the first thing people notice, so you should make it worth noticing. Don’t write long titles, people will lose interest halfway. Keep it short and crisp. Here's an example!

The Look and Feel Of It

A blog with great content but a lousy interface can put off a reader. You can source free templates from the internet or design your own if you are familiar Photoshop, Gimp etc. You can also hire a graphic designer to do the same. Also, make sure that the images used are copyright free.

Promote Your Blog

Let people know about your blog by promoting it. Many good blogs go unnoticed due to lack of promotion. There are several ways to promote a blog on digital media and social media being at the top. As that is where your blog will get the maximum number of likes and shares. Other than social media marketing these could work wonders for you:

Hope you found this resourceful, but of course, if you're still up for fashion tips, reach out our very talented fashion blogger, Stuti Khosla who would help you join the dots.

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