How Can Blogging Help Improve Your English?

Author: Team Vocabberry

How Can Blogging Help Improve Your English?

Good bloggers are usually passionate wordsmiths

At the same time, not having a high hand in English should not act as a deterrent for writing blogs – if that\’s how you want to spend your free time. In fact, if you don’t or rather can't articulate with precision, the best thing to do is, write, write and write more; and what best way to practice that than blogging! Here are three reasons that tell why writing blogs is foremost to improve your English.

Start off your own blog on a vertical of your choice

Choose a sector, say fashion that you are passionate about and keep at it. Pick any topic and write on that. Blogs are also instant, so just pen down your thoughts and keep it short. Make it a habit and work on it religiously. This drill instills discipline, much-needed and valued for a writer and you shall soon realise that blogs are an excellent way to building a connect and networking. Not just this, while improving your language skills, you will realise over time (if you maintain a blog) that your earlier writings were jumbled thoughts and later posts have turned out far superior.

Feedback keeps you on your toes

Unlike other forms of writing where you write for yourself and have the liberty to not ‘reveal’ it to anyone, blogs are for everyone out there. This simply means you can’t afford to make critical mistakes, and if you do, you will have someone point it out to you instantly. Constant and instant feedback serves two purposes - you try hard not to make mistakes, and if you do, you rectify it in no time. Since same old mistakes are never repeated, your language skills stand improved.

Blogs help bring variety into your writing 

Blogging introduces you to your unique style and at the same time, lets you experiment with different genres of writing. Blogs help you realize your dreams of being a writer and at the same time, helps you introspect to enquire if you are really capable of being a great writer. So, continue writing in order to discover your style and end up mastering English.

Happy Blogging!!

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