How right keywords can increase the visibility of your website

Author: Saheli Golder

How right keywords can increase the visibility of your website

Ever wondered why some websites rank high on the search results page and the rest don’t? It is not always about how great your content is but how relevant it is. There is a tidal wave of websites pertaining to any damn subject that we search on the web. 

More than 90% users don’t go beyond two SERPs (Search Engine Results Page) and 33% users perceive that the top SERPs are leaders in their segment. 

Users do not know the link to your website until of course, it is as big as a or a They are not aware which website has the best content for a particular subject. They only type in some keywords on the search engine based on which a list of websites flash on the screen. 

To get a higher amount of traffic to a website, it has to be optimised through Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). One of the important factors of optimisation other than managing HTML and web indexing is increasing the relevance of keywords. 

Keywords can be broadly classified into:

• Direct or explicit Keywords
• Problems / Symptoms
• Product names
• Informational queries

Best Way To Fetch Keywords

It is best to put yourself in the searcher’s shoe while conducting keyword research as you are telling the searcher that you have an answer to his question. The first step to doing keyword research is to consider themes instead of keywords. For example, the theme for a cardiac hospital would be a heart attack, angiography, angioplasty, etc. 

You can also find relevant keywords from your competitor’s website. And, one can also find keywords offline. It is prudent to scan magazines and journals published in your area to hunt for keywords.

The right set of keywords will not only build awareness of your website but also generate interest among your target group and thus increase visibility.

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