How to Brush up your Self-Expression Skills?

Author: Team Vocabberry

How to Brush up your Self-Expression Skills?

The ability to express 'yourself' is what 'sets apart' an emotionally intelligent person. Personality develops with brushing up your ‘self-expression’ skills and this starts right from your childhood.

Here are four suggestions for improving your self-expression skills:

Self-improvement sets you off on the right path to self-expression that is lucid. 

Being critical does not come naturally to any of us – in fact, we hate anything negative about ‘us’ and keep at bay those who are critical of our skills and ‘us’. Begin by being unfenced to criticism and you will realise how your self-expression improves over time.

Different personalities have various forms of self-expressions – this is but natural. 

In fact, there is no right or wrong way of self-expression. It takes place depending on your personality type. You can only keep brushing your self-expression skills to match those that ‘you’ think are ideal and matches the society’s accepted codes of conduct. 

 A superior man is free in feeling and action, even amidst great pain and hurt 

- David Deida 

So, freely express yourself, but at the same time, temper it to match peoples’ expectations of what is right, needed and expected. Doing a balancing act is tough, but those who succeed are the once who celebrate triumphs very often. So, start out by expressing yourself. 

Speak out loudly, passionately and quantitatively. 

Be on the lookout for an opportunity to speak, perform in public, without being afraid to do so. People lose out on opportunities because they are scared. So ‘let it go’ as Idina Menzel would want us to do and see your self-esteem boost. Letting it ‘all’ is the first step towards achieving a ‘better style’ of self-expression.

Behave like a leader in all situations and practice optimism at all times.

Take charge of a situation, exhort people around you to work as a team and be a peoples’ person. Practice this attitude like a mantra and you will feel the difference this does to your confidence levels. Being positive makes you 'dear to all the people around you' and you will see, how this changes the game for you.

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