Is Content Helping You Boost Your Business?

Author: Aditi Syal

Is Content Helping You Boost Your Business?
Let's suppose we want to buy a mobile phone. The first thing we do is check its price, features and compatibility with the internet. We also compare phones of different brands that often have similar features to offer. Where is all this happening? You're not spending hours at the mall and doing that! Or, are you? 

Well, it all happens online. It's not just about spending the bucks on a pretty sleek thing, it's a lot more than that. The internet has got all the information from movie to book reviews, from automobiles to grocery stores, from a local restaurant to all lifestyle glitz, from buying an insurance policy to purchase of a gold bond. 

Today's customer is quite informed and goes by a proactive approach to exploring everything before making a buying decision. We live in a world where ideas and solutions are in abundance. What engages the customer, gets a hit. So, knowingly or unknowingly, it's the content on the internet that is driving most of your buying decisions.

It is quite imperative to market the right content amongst your target audience and use that content to meet marketing goals of your organisation. But, is your content unique? Or, are you just beating around the bush that is indifferent to what others are doing? 
When content marketing is done in a defined and planned manner, the customers find the information more meaningful than a fancy ad. Spread the word first; fate will chase your way. Study your audience first, and make tailor-made offerings to drive a visitor's attention. Your aim should be to make him visit your website time and again.

What content marketing does?

o    Creates and shares free content (blogs, newsletters, ebooks, podcasts, videos).
o    To render a strategic marketing approach
o    Informs, entertains and engages the audience
o    To earn repeated buyers
o    Convert leads into actual sales
o    To calibrate content to the needs of the customers
o    Turns head and make quick money as well
o    Collaborates with the enhanced mobility
o    Designing breakthrough content
o    To deliver solutions for elevated performance
o    To drive profitable consumer action
o    To communicate with prospects and customers

In a rapidly evolving market, consumer product definition and distribution are getting reinvented, so there is a great scope for companies to create innovations that customers don't even know they needed. This would surely be a delighter to serve every possible thing to the customer to win a wow user experience.

Content marketing has added volumes to the business by taking into account the changed media consumption habits of the current target audience. Along with this, the adoption of interactive technologies has opened a gateway to widely available content solutions.
Nowadays, customers have turned passive to the routine media blitz as companies are getting a lukewarm response to the traditional media marketing means, which are expensive too. Consumers turn to the search engine for almost all kinds of solutions to their problems. Hence, the right content can draw traffic to the business.

Necessary steps before approaching content marketing 

PDCAM mechanism:

•    Plan: Before you plunge into the pool, be specific, check the budget, funnel down the target audience (via Scoring) and stay focussed to fetch right results.

•    Define your audience: Once you are done planning, define your audience. You need not consider the huge chunk of unsure people. Less is more! You can do a lot more to target fewer prospects.  Check demographics, their likes and dislikes, study the nature of the business they deal into, check their clientele, work, and feedback, consider their expectaions and offerings made.
•    Content development: Next comes in line, is content development. If you know your audience well, you would also know what drives them crazy. Offer them something to which they can not say no. Develop resistance proof content. The unique content serves as a USP to the client. Try avoiding redundant content else Google will term your pages spammy or over optimized pages. The right content gets viral on the social media too. Make sure your titles, headlines and the cover image are catchy so the customer becomes eager to click. 
•    Act: This is related to the distribution of the content over the web. It's like being omnipresent to fit the comfort zone of every client. The wide distribution makes content more usable. The copy must be light, and the pages should be compressed to facilitate easy and frictionless browsing. And, don't give amiss to making your websites responsive. There should be seamless user experience on mobile, tab, laptops, etc.
•    Monitor: This is to check the gaps against the benchmarks. This facilitates to fill up the gaps and to modify the content as per the feedback. It's crucial to depend on data - Website Analytics. Through data analytics, you're keeping track of ROI to reconfirm whether content is producing the desired results or not.

Great content has indeed benefitted big, medium and small-scale businessmen and seems quite promising for future acquisitions. So, bid adieu to the old fashioned marketing means. 
It's time to welcome change. 

In the next blog, let's do a deep dive into how content brings you up not just through SEO, but some cool trends like Video, Celebrity Blogging, PR, and more. 

Keep up and stay tuned!

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