Is Your Content Seductive?

Author: Shruti Shankar

Is Your Content Seductive?

Picture this!

You are dressed up to impress, in a crisp white shirt and green chinos. You look dashing and make heads turn. You spot a hottie, and she craves your attention, you give her a glance while keeping a straight face - that nervous look on your face.

What a put-off!!!!!!

The same concept applies to your audience. Long, boring and lame phrases are only going to drive them away.

So, what is the best way to keep your audience hooked??
Passive Seduction...
The art of driving your prospects towards you without even directing them.

Here are 5 things to keep in mind while drafting a winning content piece:

  • Keep it light, let the readers be able to relate to your content. Ensure that the language is simple, without much of jargons.
  • Get mastery in Interlinking. Linking your content as it progresses from one paragraph to the other is essential, so that is there is a general progression, and the piece makes sense from the beginning to the end.
  • Add humor to your content. Humour and wit add spice to the content and keeps the reader interested for more. GIFs and fun quotes can help with that. 
  • The idea should be of not filling the page up with content that can't be verified or correlated with factual data. Readers look for proof, and the best way to present that is by storing relevant industry and market data.
  • Your content should be relatable. People grab interest in your copy only when they can join the dots - connect the phrases in the content body with their life incidents. 

This is enough for a head turner look on your web content, but if you wish that dapper should take a step ahead and go an extra mile (ahem! In terms of exploring more pages), Don't Just Create Content, Make It Useful!

You've seduced enough ;)

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