Let’s give your CV a facelift

Author: Aditi Syal

Let’s give your CV a facelift

Put yourself in any recruiter’s boots first. Seeing same old templates of your track record could be suicidal. Honestly, ask yourself, if you were a recruiter, where would the Curriculum Vitae go after you’re done reading it? Probably in the scrap for recycling, or if the candidate is lucky enough then the senior HR would keep it alive in her drawer for six months just to later use it to pen down the Christmas Decorations list on the back of the sheet that defines his ‘course of life’.

Yeah, wake up! It’s a reality check!!

So, why not go an extra mile to relieve our ‘bread & butter’ providers by giving them a better sight – which is more welcoming that the synonymous ‘black and grey’?

Creative Resume it is.


Well, if you are still noodling yourself, here are some ways to mark impression on the employers who will refuse to get rid of you from their minds:

You are the storyteller

Who knows you’re a great designer, your skills don’t show on that A4 sheet. Nowadays, there are enough opportunities for the people in the marketing domain to exhibit their artistry. Check out this Video Game CV by Robby Leonardi that will keep you awestruck for quite some time. That CV got him a lot of buzz, and he woke up freaked out after seeing hundreds of new emails in his mailbox the very first day after the launch.

Read the inspiring story behind The Making of Robby Leonardi's Interactive Resume here.

That website is you

We’re all always on and connected, and always on the move, aren’t we? Are you used to of carrying your Curriculum Vitae with you all the time? Of course, you are, if you’re smart enough. It’s as simple as remembering your name - http://soumyabishi.co/
With all important links in one place, an employer has access to your portfolio in just a few clicks.

Wow! You are young and colourful

Despite the fact that your job is not a fancy one and instead you’re working late nights to match lengthy balance sheets, one trick for defining your charming personality could be a Creative CV. Trying to cover essays on your entire life in 4-5 pages is a big no-no. Keep some data for your face-to-face session. You’ll have a lot to talk about your career history. Trust us, a one-pager, brief visual description should do the talking on your behalf.

Remember, what gets you a job is not always dependent on what you have penned down. What matters is the lasting impression that a creative resume developer can give by spicing up your old CV into an excellent presentation.

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