Relevant Keywords Will Get Your Website Higher Traffic

Author: Saheli Golder

Relevant Keywords Will Get Your Website Higher Traffic

When you type something in the search engine and press enter a list of websites appear on the screen and more than often you rely on the content of the top-listed websites. Not because the content of the other websites are not as good, it’s simply because they have more matching keywords as that of your search and that’s why they have the privilege of being at the top. This happens through SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) which other than managing HTML and web indexing also increases the relevance of the keywords.

More than 90% users don’t go beyond two SERPs (Search Engine Results Page) and 33% users perceive that the top SERPs are leaders in their segment.

Today web developers are adopting SEO more and more to attract a higher traffic to their websites. Keyword matching is one of the crucial tasks in digital marketing.

There are 4 categories of keywords:-

  • Direct or Explicit Keywords - When someone knows what he wants and types the exact words. For example Bermuda Triangle.
  • Problems / Symptoms - When someone does not know what he is looking for but types words related to it. For instance- the symptoms of a disease.
  • Product Names - Well this is self-explanatory.
  • Informational Queries - When someone asks a question for instance what is the capital of Chile?

The best way to do a keyword research is by seeing through what the searcher might look for. Create a theme around your keywords. For instance, the theme for an online fashion portal would be apparel, dress, style etc. Other ways to find keywords are surfing through various publications in your domain and crawling your competitors’ websites.

To increase the site’s visibility and ROI, it is of utmost importance to get your keywords right in the first place. 

Buddy, STOP wherever you are, because, you first need to get your keywords right!

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