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Applying for a job is so stressful. The stress of finding the right job and also the competition you’ll have to face the other job applicants is just so overwhelming. The moment you step in into the office space is such a nerve-wracking ordeal. More than that, the first step i.e. making your resume is the biggest deal here.

The deal here is that your resume decides whether you get through to the next step or not. So, it is up to you how to make it look worth it. Here is a guideline about how to make your resume look the best from the rest.

Keep Some Content for Your F2F Interview As Well

The resume is the first chance to impress the interviewer. Now the question is, how to make it look impressive. The first point you need to remember is that nobody likes to read a huge ass essay, just like that no company recruiters have the time or interest to go through a 2-3-page resume. Make it short and crisp, is the key to it. Your main aim should be to appear as a suitable candidate for the job you are about to apply.

All you have to do is mention your past work experience with companies, the tools you have can or have used, and the projects you have worked on. All of them should be given in the form of one-liners, or just mere names are enough.

Become a Pooooh from K3G

Your aim is to catch the attention of the recruiter and for that you need to keep up your work tidy and consistent. Keep in mind that the recruiter is not intrigued to know about your spouse name, kid’s name, and not much about your hobbies.

Also, remember that while you are mentioning about your past work experience, projects, tools, and brands make sure that you don’t shell out deep information as you need to unpack things about you in front of the interviewer slowly.

As per the latest trends, people are now more inclined towards tech and social media. Sometimes, the recruiters or senior managers prefer to visit your virtual resume over your actual resume. Now, you might be wondering as to what is a virtual resume? This virtual resume is nothing but your LinkedIn profile. Yes, you got it right! 

According to studies, over 60% of the recruiters use social networking sites to research the candidates.

Why leave anything that will distance you from getting a job. All you need to do is update your LinkedIn Profile on a regular basis.

This time create a resume that will precisely speak to your identity and what have you done. Feature all the correct abilities that the organization is hunting down. Last but not least, did you know that the SEO words used by the recruiters when used by you can increase the chances of you getting hired? Clearly, you must pick your words astutely and set up the best list of references you can. After all, your career depends on a single sheet of paper. Isn’t it?

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