Video, The New Face of Content Marketing

Author: Taarini Chandramouli

Video, The New Face of Content Marketing

Did you know? YouTube is the second largest search engine!

The human attention span is very short and reading pages of information gets stressful and also, boring! Scientific studies have shown that the more sense organs that are involved in an activity, the greater are the likelihood of a person focusing more on the action. With this point kept in mind, it can easily be said that videos are a major part of content creation. In an age of ever-evolving technology, videos popularity is gaining momentum.

Statistics show that, 65% of video viewers are guaranteed to watch at least 3/4th of the video and that the number of clicks on an email with video mentioned in the subject is also far higher. 

This becomes a major game puller when it comes to brand imaging and advertising. A video allows you to convey a lot of significant information in a short time span. 

By adding video to your website, it’s easy to improve SEO value and improve click-through rates across the board.

Besides the fact that video content is fit for consumption on all devices, ranging from computers to mobile phones, when you use videos to communicate messages to the audience, there is a greater emotional connect as compared to regular blog posts and newsletters. The tone of voice used in the video, the animations and images, all add to the thinking pattern of the viewer and have a greater influence and impact on them. It has always been said, “One learns more by listening and observing rather than reading and speaking”, and this makes video content a very useful mode of teaching. Video is the fastest mean to spread the message. Most people tend to share the videos with their friends, and this chain continues further, and the message ultimately reaches the masses. In a time and age when people are always on the go, videos make it quicker, easier and more entertaining to stay up to date with information.  

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