Why should you outsource content marketing?

Author: Saheli Golder

Why should you outsource content marketing?

Today, we hear companies outsourcing huge chunks of their business processes in order to focus on their core operations. Not only does this saves them huge bucks, but also ensures shift of productive hours into lucrative sections. Your business is endangered if constant innovation is not taking place. For instance, if you're running a restaurant business, you are more likely to focus on preparing dishes than fetching ingredients. You have suppliers to do that for you. Wouldn't you?

The exponential growth of digital media has led to a tidal wave of content for the consumers and to break the clutter, you must produce consistent and outstanding content. This curation of fresh content shall reverberate through customer engagement and better return on investment.

Although it's well-known that the core team holds the best understanding of the company’s mission and message, it is considered wise to outsource content production to a reputed agency than spending humongous on an in-house content team.

Here's how the Pyramid looks like:


                                        Content Head   VP Marketing

                            Manager       Strategist      Creative Director

                       Assistant Manager       Team Lead        SEO       SMO

                  Writer 1   Writer 2   Writer 3   Writer 4  Writer 5   Writer 6

So, where all would you be saving if you choose to eliminate this Pyramid Scheme?

Fixed Costs

Establishing an in-house team with a small budget can be much challenging than your thought on it. Besides providing the ambiance, space, laptop, internet access, software, and tempting facilities, what you're taking into the picture is 'the time' spent on training. To your surprise, most companies want their writers to walk, talk and breathe in their style, and hence it takes them forever in cloning these creative beings. Meantime, if this time was rather utilized for hiring an apt agency, you could've saved on patience and money.

How Much Can They Write?

The content flow needs to be regular so as to beat the massive competition in the market. This again demands an enormous generation of content.

According to Hubspot’s State of Inbound 2015 Report, even professional marketers in Asia-Pacific region spend 2-4 hours for a single blog post.

Based on this finding, we can confidently say, a professional cannot write more than four blogs a day. But outsourcing content curation to a team of experts will help in churning more number of words while saving per unit cost spent on each employee.

Variety in Writing

Your dedicated in-house copywriters and editors can often go stale on ideas. They may also lack the expertise of carrying out critical functions like Creative Copywriting, Content Strategy, Planning, Social Media Marketing, Video Marketing, Visuals and viral or niche marketing. Whereas, divergent people writing for you can bring a mix of variant of tastes to your table.

Other Avenues

Think about the so many more avenues where you could have invested the money and time into. They can be leveraged on activities such as Social Media Engagement, Client Acquisition, building Public Relations, Obtaining good database, etc. While you'll focus on business development, someone else can manage content top to bottom.

Smart Hiring Processes

If hunting talented writers and conducting endless interviews becoming a pain for your HR department, it's time to seed the thought of outsourcing content production into their heads. The best copy makes in the industry don't wish to be tamed, they join creative agencies where their ideas are appreciated, fuelled and brought to life through words and visuals.

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