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Ask yourself first, are you exchanging seamless, error-free emails with your boss, clients and vendors? Of course you may be a jack of all trades, but leave this intricate job of rectifying errors with a professional. You need to understand that even miss of a comma can change the whole meaning of a sentence. Thus, significant error. So, here’s Vocabberry to become your grammar guru and make you a vocab pro in the eyes of others.


Imagine yourself reading a book written by a scientist. You would probably sleep before getting to the 4th page. An editor’s job is first to review the document to develop an understanding of the author’s intent. He then reads it carefully, word by word, correcting punctuation, grammar and language errors as well as rewriting awkward, poorly worded sentences and phrases and inserting needed transition sentences. Not just this, along with evaluating each document before making corrections or changes, she may also insert helpful suggestions.


Unlike engineering, content writing is not every second person’s play. A thorough literature, an ambitious wordsmith or a penman who can comprehend a situation, case or a condition into beautifully personified scripts, takes an ownership of calling herself a writer. She needs to be even more versatile to become a creative writer.


Welcome to the era of internationalisation! What sells native, sells better in foreign lands. Let language not become an impediment for you to become an overseas jack. Vocabberry escorts you to the juncture where professional language translators reside and are more than happy to meet your written language conversion needs.

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our resume speaks aloud about your persona. Why not enrich / reinforce it with little drama. Vocabberry’s forte lies in the augmenting your virtual presence on a web page or a sheet of paper. Our Creative Resumes will have you dazed.

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